ACCESS Software Training Course

ACCESS Software Training Course
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ACCESS Course Software Training Tutorial - Downloadable Course and Online e-Learning Training for PC / Laptop


Software Training Tutorial

Online e-Learning Training for PC / Laptop


Need a Quick Way to Learn Microsoft Access?

This easy to follow software training course will provide hands-on experience for all of the concepts, technical terms, and specialized tools of the Microsoft Access while users discover how to enter information easily and efficiently, quickly locate data, then present and print cross-sections and reports in an intuitive manner.


 Access course

Have you ever needed to manage an inventory, a store, a business, or a list of students and grades? Access database is a very practical solution for all of these examples, and this hands-on course will show you in step by step examples how to master this powerful application.

This interactive course for the Microsoft Access software will give you all of the tools and information needed to create a completely operational database. The course starts with a background description of the various planning stages, explaining stages which are crucial to the successful development of a fully operational database.

After planning the database, the tutorial begins to actually construct a database using Access and presents all of the necessary steps in an organized system. After first creating some tables, you will go on to define some relationships and to create your own queries and forms. By the end, you will understand how to handle professional reports and learn about working with further advanced tools like macros and database utilities.


 Access course 2

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What is an Online Edition?

* The Online Edition is a fully web-based training program that requires no CD delivery, no shipping costs, and no software installation on your computer.

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Access Software Training Course

The Access interactive course tutorial covers all Access versions: 97 - 2007

Chapter 1
Preparation and Analysis

1. Database 2. System Review 3. System Analysis 4. First Order Normalization 5. Second Order Normalization 6. Third Order Normalization 7. Relationship 8. Testing

Chapter 2
Tables and Data entry

1. Starting Access 2. Creating a Database 3. Creating Table in Edit View 4. Defining Key for a Table 5. Defining Field Types 6. Opening Database 7. Entering Data 8. Table Display

Chapter 3
Search Sort and Filter

1. Columns Size and Position 2. Cell and Record Selecting 3. Record Deleting 4. Record Finding 5. Records Sorting 6. Filtering by Form 7. Filtering by Selection 8. Filtering Cancellation 9. Table Copying 10. Table Deleting

Chapter 4

1. Relationships Types 2. One-to-One relationship 3. One-to-Many relationship 4. Many-to-One relationship 5. Many-to-Many Relationship 6. Relationship Window 7. Creating a relationship 8. Relationship Characteristics 9. Relationship Deleting

Chapter 5

1. What is a Query? 2. Queries Types 3. Basic Query 4. Multiple Tables in Query 5. Query Wizard 6. Filtering data in a query 7. Calculations in a Query 8. Query Characteristics 9. Duplicate Records

Chapter 6

1. What is a form? 2. Form Wizard 3. Form Design View 4. Adding Fields to Form 5. Saving and Opening form 6. What are controls? 7. Label Control 8. Text Control 9. Control Characteristics 10. Push Button

Chapter 7

1. What is a Report? 2. Report Wizard 3. Report Design View 4. Adding Fields to the Report 5. Saving a Report 6. Printing a Report 7. Reports Controls

Chapter 8

1. What is a Macro? 2. Macro Design Window 3. Add Actions to Macro 4. Saving Macros 5. Running Macros 6. Push Button & Macros 7. Running a Macro

Chapter 9

1. Database Backup 2. Compact and Repair 3. Creating Switchboard 4. Running Switchboard

By using this Interactive Access course you will be able to:


* Become a skilled Access user without any previous knowledge of Access

* Learn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

* Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office

* Learn Access without having Access installed on your computer

* Save time and money by avoiding expensive classes and detailed manuals

* Improve your computer skills

* Add "Proficient in Microsoft Access" to your resume

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