LEARN SPANISH : Online Spanish Course

LEARN SPANISH : Online Spanish Course
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SPANISH COURSE - Online Version: Learn Spanish with SpanishUno

SPANISH COURSE - Online Version

Learn Spanish with SpanishUno

The Place to Learn Spanish


Do you want to learn Spanish?

SpanishUno is a comprehensive software for learning Spanish and is considered one of the most advanced of its kind.

SpanishUno is designed by language education specialists and offers a complete online Spanish Language Learning System.

SpanishUno will enable you to effectively communicate in Spanish and master both the spoken and written language. This is accomplished through a lot of interactive lessons and activities - all in a very simple, fun and user-friendly way.


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What is an Online Edition?

* The Online Edition is a fully web-based training program that requires no CD delivery, no shipping costs, and no software installation on your computer.

* After purchasing your Online Edition course tutorial, we will send you a user subscriber name, password and all of the necessary login information within one business day.

* After receiving your password: To get started, just connect to the internet, log in to our website with your password and begin your SPANISH COURSE Online Version Interactive tutorial.

* The SPANISH Online Edition web courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SpanishUno contains three studying centers:

* Mrs. Juanita's Classroom

Mrs. Juanita's Classroom contains dozens of Spanish grammar lessons.

Each lesson includes explanations in English, voice files and links to Juan's Gym, where you can practice the topics studied in the lesson.

* The Library

The Library contains hundreds of texts classified under different topics.

Among these topics are: The Library

* Stories for all levels * Latin Habits * Recipes * Slang * Jokes * Riddles * And much more...

All texts are accompanied by the Interactive Dictionary

* Juan's Gym

Juan's Gym contains lessons from various subjects

* Hundreds of interactive exercises for all levels * Hundreds of dialogues for a huge variety of situations * Vocabulary games accompanied by thousands of flash cards and voice files * Verb conjugation games for thousands of verbs in 18 tenses * Numbers games up to 6 digits * Complete verb conjugation tables for thousands of verbs in all tenses and pronouns


 Spanish Uno

After downloading SpanishUno, you should install it on your computer, and then activate it.

Entrance to SpanishUno - Click here.

When you activate SpanishUno you get to the Login Page.

To enter SpanishUno you must type a valid subscription username and password.

If you are a new user, who does not have a username and a password, click on the button "I'd like to try SpanishUno" in the Login Page.

The Interactive Dictionary

The Interactive Dictionary accompanies you throughout the whole studying process, especially when you are practicing at Juan's Gym as well as when you are reading texts in the Library.

When the Interactive Dictionary is activated, you can place the cursor on a Spanish word and it opens a window with its meaning in English.

If you move the cursor to a different word, the first window disappears and a new window with the meaning of the new word replaces it.

The Interactive Dictionary not only presents the meaning of a word, but also the corresponding grammatical structure, according to your studying needs.

For example, the word Pregunta in Spanish (in English: He asks), is a verb conjugation (Preguntar: To ask), in the Present Simple. Therefore, the Interactive Dictionary presents this word as a link and clicking on it opens the conjugation table of the verb Preguntar in the Present Simple tense.


Users and Subscribers

SpanishUno recognizes three different types of Online User Accounts:

Trial User Account (which is free), ONLINE User Account (requires payment) and Deluxe GOLD Version (requires payment.)

Every type of User Account allows you access to additional contents, according to the following table:

  Trial User Account Online
User Account
Deluxe GOLD
Version Account
Grammar lessons 3 47 47
Writing Lessons 1 1 8
Stories 4 48 129
Articles 44 458 792
Exercises 45 146 288
Vocabulary practice 185 2374 3423
Games 10% 50% 100%

All our online courses are 100% guaranteed, you have nothing to lose.

If you feel that you did not benefit from the course, no hard feelings. We'll simply give you a full refund, no questions asked!


Get started NOW with 3 easy steps:

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