WORD Software Training Course

WORD Software Training Course
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WORD Course Software Training Tutorial - Downloadable Course and Online e-Learning Training for PC / Laptop

WORD Course

Software Training Tutorial

Online e-Learning Training for PC / Laptop


Need a Quick Way to Learn Microsoft Word?

This interactive software training course provides full hands-on simulation for every feature in Microsoft Word as users discover how to work with text files, import data, build an index, merge documents and create dynamic and professional Word documents quickly.


 Word course

This Word training tutorial has a handy interactive interface that directly points towards the appropriate menu commands, providing users the proper instruction necessary to propel them forward through increasingly more difficult tasks. The course gives a complete background into even the most advanced functions and features in the Microsoft Word as it teaches you how to create truly professional word documents. After this full tutorial, you too will have the ability to produce organized and professional text documents with full self-confidence.

Do you need to rewrite your letters or create professional looking docs? This effective course tutorial will teach you how use Word to create, edit and organize your documents as you discover how to feed data, create tables, graphs, and more in Microsoft Word.

This software training course offers a complete educational experience with full interactive simulation and easy to follow examples for assisting users in learning all of the layouts, commands, and custom tools available in the Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Office Word is one of the world's most dominant word processing applications to date, and is in day to day use in most businesses and offices worldwide. It is by far the most well known computer text application available, and it is a powerful tool that offers many types of useful writing and layout functions.


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What is an Online Edition?

* The Online Edition is a fully web-based training program that requires no CD delivery, no shipping costs, and no software installation on your computer.

* After purchasing your WORD Software Training Course you will immediately be able to download the course straight from the order form.

* To get started just connect to the internet, download our course and begin your WORD tutorial

* You will also receive a link to continue your course online. The online edition web courses are available for additional practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Word Software Training Course

The Word interactive course tutorial covers all Word versions: 97 - 2007

Chapter 1

1. Word loading 2. Word processors 3. Text movement 4. Marking text with the mouse 5. Marking text with the keyboard 6. Correcting with the keyboard 7. Split and unite a paragraph

Chapter 2

1. UNDO and REDO buttons 2. The office board 3. Saving a document 4. The Save as  box 5. Opening a saved document 6. Create a new document 7. Closing a document

Chapter 3

1. Working on several windows 2. Adding a password 3. Sending a document 4. Document Search 5. Document compare 6. Patterns 7. Creating a pattern

Chapter 4

1. The different font types 2. Changing a Font 3. Changing the font size 4. Adding underline 5. Bolding a character 6. Bending letters 7. Aligning and centering 8. The space between the lines 9. Design copy 10. Design choose 11. Style adding

Chapter 5

1. Page numbering 2. Text copy 3. Transferring text 4. Cancel - cancelling an action 5. REDO a canceled action 6. Adding Time and date 7. Spelling check 8. Query Characteristics 9. Automatic spelling 10. Adding a hyper link

Chapter 6

1. Page settings 2. Preview before printing 3. Printing a document 4. Printing envelopes 5. Printing stickers

Chapter 7

1. The Grid lines 2. Creating a table 3. Adding rows and columns 4. Deleting rows and columns 5. Inserting data into the Table 6. Drawing the table lines 7. Table automatic design

Chapter 8

1. Tablatures bar 2. Hidden text 3. Tab 4. Bullets 5. Numbering paragraphs 6. Creating columns 7. Creating an Index 8. Updating the Index

Chapter 9

1. Adding pictures 2. Text search 3. Replace text 4. The Draw menu 5. Merging Documents 6. Text search 7. Adding chart 8. Getting help 9. Showing the title

Chapter 10

1. Adding a Comment 2. Activating change track 3. Authorizing changes 4. Stopping the change track

By using this Interactive Word course you will be able to:

* Become a skilled Word user without any previous knowledge of Word

* Learn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

* Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office

* Learn Word without having Word installed on your computer

* Save time and money by avoiding expensive classes and detailed manuals

* Improve your computer skills

* Add "Proficient in Microsoft Word" to your resume

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